A young team from Malaga has received a special mention by the jury in the most prestigious competition for young architects in Europe.

The team, composed mainly of students, newly qualified architects, a professor at the School of Architecture of Malaga and two other architects; It has offices in Malaga and Seville, and have obtained this recognition among more than 1.300 teams across Europe with a project to expand the campus of Aalto University in Helsinki.

The innovative project was valued by an international jury anonymously, so the authorship of it was known at the awards event held on 4 December in Helsinki, Finland.

The study led by architects Juan Fco. Sánchez Parrilla, Leopoldo Jimenez Gonzalez and Fernando Mancebo Perez del Pulgar, who is a professor at the School of Architecture of Malaga, also has another project currently exhibited in Cibeles Palace (Madrid), which shows a significant selection of works by young architects throughout Spain.

The proposal, which collaborated recent graduates and students of the School of Architecture of Malaga, Jose Jimenez, Angeles Montero and Elena Casares; consisting of 25,000 square meters of housing for students and university workers, and 5,000 square meters for research and administrative uses; all within a forest included in the ecological network of conservation areas of biodiversity in the European Union known as Natura 2000. The idea has been selected by the ability to integrate successfully in a delicate natural environment the large volume of new construction demanded in the competition.

The rewards of the School of Architecture of Malaga which just turned 10 years, begin to reap in contests like this, even at almost 4,000 km away, as this type of tenders are not held in our city and rarely in our country.