Recognised in 2020 by the College of Architects, this house is immersed in the fabulous pine forest of the Pinares de San Antón development. With wonderful views over the bay of Malaga, this project is based on Mediterranean architecture somewhere between the blue of the sea, the white of lime and the green of the pines.


Urbanización Pinares de San Antón, Málaga





Built area

363 m2


Construction completed



In this project, the owner commissioned us to continue the unfinished work of a detached single-family house in the Pinares de San Antón development. The plot’s main feature is the generous views over the Bay of Malaga. The starting conditions were challenging since we were required to respect the work executed to date.

We found ourselves, therefore, with a series of reinforced concrete boxes of different sizes that were placed according to the rocky terrain. These cubes were designed to create the house while respecting the existing trees.

It was decided to incorporate a large wooden pergola that would allow, on the one hand, the use and enjoyment of the porch area, an intermediate space that is so important in Mediterranean climates, and on the other hand, protect the openings from direct solar radiation in the hot months. In addition, as a strategy to improve the energy efficiency of the building, exterior insulation using the SATE-ETICS system was planned, with a stucco finish, whose texture contrasts with the character of the wood, both of the pergola and the shutters.

The house accommodates itself to the mountain, but at the same time recovers the traditional colours of this Mediterranean area, in which lime whitewash and wood are combined to protect the building from the harsh Mediterranean sun.

The large corner openings are resolved with carpentry that opens at an angle with no fixed profile, as well as with a system of motorised shutters finished in board laminated in natural wood. This system allows the concealment of all the carpentry elements, as they are hidden in the enclosures to free the openings, offering clean lines.

In addition, a small overflowing pool was built, which reflects the blue of the sea, transferring the marine freshness to the interior of the house.


Energy Certification A


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