969 gives a personal stamp to each building according to the needs of the people who will live in it

This approach has led us to receive numerous national and international recognitions and awards in projects as diverse as hospitals, museums, educational buildings, research and housing

Singular design


Our link to university teaching and research, accumulating more than 15 years of classes of Architecture Projects at the University of Malaga, as well as different stays in international universities, such as Stanford (USA), die Kunst (Germany) or the CCA (Canada) places us at the forefront of knowledge in our sector, which we apply in all our projects, thus adding value to their architecture. In addition, belonging to cutting-edge research groups specialised in architecture, allows us to incorporate part of our professional work in ambitious research projects through which knowledge is advanced at the same time as increasing the quality of these professional assignments.


Our environmental commitment has led us to specialise in “green” architecture, holding valuable experience today in buildings with high energy efficiency and minimum emissions. To this end, from the design phase our team of architects and engineers employ the most advanced energy simulators to guarantee the highest thermodynamic performance, control the perfect execution of the works with precision instruments, such as thermal cameras, and obtain the best results in terms of energy efficiency, to standards such as Passivhaus, Leed and Breeam, among others.


We invest a huge amount of work in each project. For our team, the technical documents that make up the project that will guide the materialisation of each assignment are of utmost importance. This value translates into carefully detailed projects with a number of plans that goes beyond what is strictly necessary, all with the sole objective of achieving the desired quality along with accurate price control.


969 uses the most advanced virtual visualisation technologies to facilitate our clients’ understanding of the projects. We employ virtual reality tools such as 3D VR glasses and create virtual models for each project of with photorealistic quality, producing images and videos for each project, as well as building physical models, when necessary, which are delivered to each client thanks to the use of 3D printers, with which our offices are equipped. In addition, throughout the design process and subsequent execution of the works, the client will have permanent access to all documents produced by 969 Architects, thanks to a private folder accessible on the cloud via the Internet.


969’s working methodology consists of a blend of more than 15 years of experience with the use of the most advanced technologies to help achieve excellence at every stage of the project. To this end, our structure is based on control software that allows us to organise the teams to ensure the delivery times for each document. We use BIM technology to work in 3D and thus ensure full control of every detail of our design. In addition, we incorporate energy simulators such as Seffaira and all kinds of software to guarantee the performance of each project, using the necessary tools to control the perfect execution of the works, such as thermal cameras or drones.

When approaching each project, what determines our focus is the specific use to which each space is destined.