Projects OAK 47

OAK 47

Development of 47 townhouses on a hill between Mijas and Fuengirola overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. In this project, the concept of terraced housing is worked with multiple variables to provide each house with a certain uniqueness that gives it character. The collective spaces are one of the most important features, as they have a shared fitness room, sauna, community room and double swimming pool.


Fuengirola, Málaga


Avantespacia Inmobiliaria S.L.



Built area

6.903 m2


Under construction





One of the main lines of work, although not the only one, has been to pursue the maximum use of the plot, seeking as far as possible the largest number of dwellings within the 150 m2 set in the product study.

To this end, the plot was carefully analysed in search of the optimal positioning of the “strips” of houses, fitting in houses with a width greater than 5 meters, a parameter that seems to us to be the limit in this type of terraced housing. Hence, we chose to divide the 50 meters maximum “strip” set by the PGOU, into nine units, thus exceeding the required 5 metres and allowing for quality housing.

In addition, we sought to obtain the maximum possible number of corner dwellings, as there is no doubt about the benefits of this typology, finding a balance between the optimisation of the plot and the quality of the dwellings.

Thus, 47 dwellings were proposed, of which 8 are corner homes.

Another of the maxims for this development was to achieve the maximum number of homes with direct sea views since the position of the plot allows this.

Making this compatible with the morphology of the plot was complex, but by studying the topography of the original plot and the gradients of the roads, a significant percentage of homes with sea views has been achieved.

For this purpose, we propose to occupy the higher parts of the plot with dwellings, leaving the common areas to the lower zones. This partly explains the position of the swimming pool as one of the large surface areas.

In addition, the ground floors are raised 1.50 metres above ground level, so that both living rooms and kitchens:

- avoid the presence of parked cars, gaining privacy over the streets themselves.

- have improved sea views, because when standing inside the house, the eyes are located almost three meters above the street, above most obstacles.

Another of the objectives of this proposal was to offer quality common areas for the development. In this sense, a detailed study of the topography resulting from the demolition of what is currently built was carried out, seeking to optimise costs in earthworks and retaining walls.

An interior green area was designed which, in the transversal direction, resolves the differences in elevation with landscaped slopes, avoiding the appearance of vertical walls.

In the longitudinal direction, this green area connects all the dwellings to the swimming pool area and the community leisure area, resolving these connections through a garden environment and complying with accessibility conditions at the same time.

These green areas are equipped with spaces that will be fitted with benches shaded by the trees, in addition to leisure spaces for all ages, both outdoors and indoors.

Of course, the pool area is a structuring element of the proposal.


Energy Certification B


When approaching each project, what determines our focus is the specific use to which each space is destined.